Tela Innovations funded for 45 nanometer chipmaking

VentureBeat, Chris Morrison

Tela Innovations is a Campbell, Calif. company with a technology for manufacturing 45 nanometer chips, which have just coming to the consumer market starting with Intel’s Penryn processor. The company uses computational lithography techniques to address a special problem encountered in the manufacture of extremely advanced chips, when the wavelength of light used in manufacturing begins to become larger than the chips themselves.

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Blazing a Trail

EDN, Paul McLellan

The mystery of whether Blaze DFM had closed down or not is over. It has been acquired by Tela Innovations mainly, it would seem, for the PowerTrim technology that had been licensed by TSMC. A major strategic relationship between Tela and TSMC was also announced. Both these are interesting developments.

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Seen but not heard at SPIE: it’s very quiet out there

END, Ron Wilson

The SPIE Advanced Lithography conference, officially a very technical event tightly focused on photolithography, has become one of the annual watering holes for the semiconductor process front-end-of-line community—a who’s who of lithography, handling and plumbing equipment, materials, consumables, and other such experts. As such, it is usually big and bustling. But this year, it gives the distinct impression of an industry knocked unconscious.

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Does Tela-Blaze M&A spell end of DFM consolidation?

by James Montgomery, News Editor, Solid State Technology

In a move that combines two DFM startups, Tela Innovations has acquired Blaze DFM. Terms of the deal weren’t announced, but a Tela spokesperson confirmed only one Blaze management exec is being kept — Rajiv Bhateja, VP of operations, is now Tela’s VP of power optimization products. In a PR statement Tela added that “key engineering personnel” from Blaze will be kept on for “continuity of product development” and customer support. Blaze’s technology has already been renamed as Tela “power optimization software,” though the spokesperson said no decision has been made about specific product naming.

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Layout optimization startup Tela buys Blaze DFM

Dylan McGrath
2/24/2009 2:00 AM EST

SAN FRANCISCO—Blaze DFM, the design-for-manufacturing-focused startup that was reputed to have closed its doors last December, has been acquired by fellow startup Tela Innovations. Financial details were not disclosed.

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