Tela Innovations, founded in 2005, has created design solutions for advanced technology nodes where lithography driven constraints require novel approaches to both digital circuit design and the physical implementation of these designs. Tela has focused on incorporating these innovations into the digital logic portions of today’s complex Systems on Chip (SoC) and Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) through the development of standard cell libraries and the peripheral circuits of embedded SRAMs.

With delays in the next generation of optical lithography, called Extreme Ultra-Violet (EUV) lithography, the semiconductor industry has had to look for ways to extend the use of immersion lithography and its 193nm wavelength light source. Printing 28nm features with 193nm light requires new design approaches encompassing Restricted Design Rules (RDR) and double patterning compatible layout.

Tela’s technologists have developed design solutions to these impending challenges and have helped to extend Moore’s Law to 32nm, 28nm and 20nm nodes. These solutions are also applicable to new transistor structures like FinFETs that are being deployed at 22nm, 20nm and 14nm nodes. Recognizing the importance of protecting these differentiated innovations for its customers and licensees, Tela has successfully created an extensive patent portfolio in this space that is available to customers through our product and patent licensing programs.

In 2009, Tela acquired BlazeDFM, a company with a new approach to reducing the power consumption of digital logic in SoCs and ASICs in advanced technology nodes. This patented approach involves modulating the gate lengths of transistors to create alternative speed-power tradeoffs in order to fully optimize a design. By significantly reducing leakage current, battery life can be increased and heat dissipation reduced. In addition to licensing the underlying patents, Tela offers software and services to help customers achieve the best combination of speed and power consumption in their designs.

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