The DoD and the Intelligence Community have a critical, on-going need for custom high performance, low-power, radiation-hardened microchips. These devices must be produced at secure facilities in small quantities over extended program lifetimes. These microchips are crucial in enabling satellite, intelligence, battle systems and warfighter capabilities. There are significant challenges in fielding state-of-the-art microchips including:

  • Dramatic increase in capital equipment costs at each successive technology node
  • Dramatic increase in per design costs at each successive technology node
  • Small volume of devices per design over which to amortize items #1 and #2

Tela Innovations 1D layout technology enables:

  • Trusted Foundries to extend their current fabrication equipment to more advanced nodes
  • DoD ASICs to be manufactured at a significantly lower NRE cost
  • Improved speed and power while maintaining radiation hardness

Tela Delivers:

  • Licensing of Standard cells, Memories, IOs based on Tela’s 1D Layout Technology
  • 1D Design Enablement Tools
  • Leakage Power Optimization tools and services

Tela has validated its technology commercially as well as through DoD funded programs at 90nm and 45nm SOI.

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