Addition of proven power optimization technology strengthens offering to deliver maximum benefits from advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes

SAN JOSE, Calif. – February 23, 2009 – Tela Innovations, which provides design solutions to enable continued cost-effective scaling of semiconductor manufacturing, today announced it has acquired Blaze DFM, a leading supplier of technology to reduce power in advanced manufacturing process nodes. The acquisition brings Blaze DFM’s complete line of products and technologies, including Blaze MO™ power-optimization technology, into the Tela portfolio. Key engineering personnel will join the company to enable continuity of product development and support of customers.

Blaze DFM’s patented technology reduces leakage power by as much as 50% in the logic portion of chip designs targeting sub-100nm process technologies. The Blaze MO software engine uses a patented technique involving gate length biasing to optimize leakage power consumption while maintaining the original area footprint and performance of the design. This software has been proven effective in production designs by several major fabless and IDM companies.

In 2008 Blaze announced an agreement with TSMC that launched the foundry’s PowerTrim™ Service. This exclusive service provides TSMC customers with a unique solution that blends Blaze DFM’s design technology with special tuned advanced semiconductor processes to improve power consumption. Since introduction, a number of TSMC’s customers are leveraging the incremental value PowerTrim™ Service provides. Tela intends to fully support and enhance TSMC’s PowerTrim™ Service and expand the relationship with TSMC. (see announcement).

“The acquisition of Blaze DFM is synergistic on multiple levels for Tela. Our technology visions are a match in terms of our approach of using physical design techniques to derive the maximum value from process technology by addressing power, performance and area (PPA) issues,” said Scott Becker, CEO of Tela. “On the business side, we share a strategy of providing value by creating innovative IP for the same set of customers and expect significant leverage from a sales standpoint.”

“This is an ideal arrangement to continue to offer chip designers the benefits of our proven Blaze MO technology, and combine it with another technology solution that further optimizes designs aimed at leading edge processes,” said Jacob Jacobsson, CEO of Blaze. “For Tela, they get a product offering that has existing customers; for Blaze and its customers, the technology will be supported and enhanced and become part of a greater solution for addressing pressing design-for-manufacturing challenges.”

Both Tela’s and Blaze DFM’s solutions support design and process co-optimization, which is a requirement in advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes. The Tela solution uses fixed, pre-defined physical topologies on a global basis to implement logic design that is optimum for the lithography used in a given process. The Blaze technology provides a capability to further optimize each transistor of a design to achieve timing and power objectives. The combination provides a powerful set of tools to extract the maximum value from advanced technologies.

About Tela Innovations
Tela Innovations is a privately-held company based in Campbell, California that provides solutions addressing the challenge of scaling semiconductor design and manufacturing to advanced process nodes. The company’s solution uses gridded, straight line, one dimensional layout structures to provide a more efficient and reliable way to implement next generation chips. Tela’s pre-defined physical topologies are applicable for use in logic, embedded memory, analog and I/O. The solution provides improvements in variability, performance, leakage and area without significant impact on existing design methodologies, equipment sets or process technologies. Tela was founded in 2005 by a team of experts in semiconductor IP, design automation and process technology, and is backed by a number of venture firms and corporate investors, including Intel Capital, Cadence Design Systems, KT Venture Group, LLC, the investment partner of KLA-Tencor Corporation, and Qualcomm Incorporated. For more information on the company visit


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